1945 is an innovative re-imagining of traditional Indonesian food as gourmet cuisine. Using precision modern cooking techniques and fresh, premium quality natural ingredients, 1945 strives to create a fine dining experience that is recognizably and authentically Indonesian.

We began with a shared vision for a restaurant that was authentic, contemporary and classy. It should acknowledge our history as Indonesians, but also be forward-looking: an establishment where guests of any nationality would feel comfortable attending for a fine dinner or a business gathering, in the same way that other world cuisines are rooted in their home regions but are not solely limited by their origins.

As such, we intended to challenge this notion of Indonesian food as being unrefined, and create an establishment that can stand on its own as a world class gourmet experience.

Hours of operation : 12:00 - 22:00 | Monday - Sunday | Capacity 100 persons